100% Biodegradable – Ecogical Solutions

- Disinfecting and Purifying.
- Eliminate bad odors in seconds.
- Kills every type of pathogenic microorganism (bacteria, virus, etc.).
- Eco-friendly

- Eliminate in seconds bad odor and bacteria.
- Disposable as municipal waste.
- Catalyst and grease degradator.
- Eco-friendly


Action Fields

Desalinization / Grease Traps / Septic Tanks / Pipes and sewer lines / Domestic and Industrial wastewater / Wastewater Treatment Plants

Who are we?

We are a Peruvian company that has been engaged for several years to develop biotechnology for domestic and industrial wastewater and fats treatment.


Nowadays, it is the best alternative comparing to higher costs methods that require wide spaces to operate and special workforce. Furthermore, in addition to these disadvantages, many of those other methods can’t reach the targets and results they were designed for.


What do we use?

From our studies on biotechnology, we developed liquid solutions for fats and wastewater treatment, 100% ecological and biodegradable.


Our products replace other traditional methods and heavy machinery, recovering the investment on WWTP that have been not working optimally.


We also offer consulting for less water consumption finding the best reuse for treated wastewater and treated fats.


What do we do?

Following our protocol , we analyse the quality of the water to be treated to reach the proper dosage of our biodegradable and environmentally friendly liquid products.


What makes us different from other methods?

  • We simplify the wastewater and fats treatment without any investment on heavy machinery or shipping. Only by dosing our biodegradable solutions on your septic tanks or grease traps enabling an in-situ treatment effect in a couple of minutes.
  • The fats and wastewater are treated without separating solids from liquids (treating both hang time).
  • We use 100% biodegradable products - non-toxic - no chemicals.
  • We support with consultancy for fats and wastewater treatments suitable for reuse.
  • It has the lowest cost of the market and provides significant savings in water consumption.
  • Restore the oxygen that the water lost by the presence of suspended solids (hydrogen sulphide) and consequently, in seconds, eliminating the bad odor.
  • Destroy all pathogenic and nonpathogenic microorganisms.
  • Produces oxygen microbubbles which act as a flocculant (organic solids settle and rise to the water surface fatty solids and residual oils, without odor).


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