Septic Tanks and Grease Traps Cleaning Services.

One of the biggest problems that worldwide Companies and Organizations have, is the correct manage of the wastewater they produce.


Sanitation laws and regulations regarding wastewater treatment have gotten stricter over the last years. Nowadays the Maximum Permissible Limits (MPL) of the wastewater quality disposals, are lower than last years, and regrettably, this situation is generating over costs.


By the other hand, the bad odor emission produced by the extraction process of the storage wastewater plus the high costs of companies that provides these services are two more problems added to the list.


Worldwide Hotel Chains, Restaurants, Clubs and Big Wholesale Markets are among our customers. They benefit from all of the advantages our solutions offer including the big amounts of cost savings that their organizations have generated and both corporative and external recognition due to ecological biodegradable methods to treat the wastewater they have used.





These are some of the services we offer and could fit your needs:


a) Grease Traps Cleaning Services.

b) Septic Tanks Cleaning Services.

c) Pipelines Cleaning Services.

d) Sell of Biotechnological Products and Training of your Workforce.


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Septic Tanks and Grease Traps Cleaning Services

Wastewater Treatment Plants Cleaning Services

Pipelines Cleaning Services

Sell of Biotechnological Products and Training

Industrial Wastewater Cleaning Services: Metallurgic, massive consume mining, etc.

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