Wastewater Treatment Plants Cleaning Services.

A Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), public or private, restores the oxygen the water had before being used by the processes.


There are several types of WWTP and they all vary according to the method of treatment and the needs of the stakeholders.


Nowadays, companies around the World bet to build an own WWTP through projects that demand large investments. Sometimes, one WWTP is shared by a group of companies, normally located on a same sector, who use similar inputs.


Regrettably, many of these WWTP can’t reach the expected results. We help your WWTP to reach these expected values, protecting your investment. Furthermore, thanks to this previous treatment, we could assure you that the costs will be as lowest as possible for your organization compared to other methods.


One of our current projects, together with a partner in Colombia, is the dosage of several oxidation lakes that treat water coming from Magdalena river in Barranquilla with a nonstop flow of 1m3 We treat static water or flows and our experience on this core business allow us to treat wastewater coming from domestic discharges to those that come from industrial processes (massive consume, metallurgic, etc.) or mining; everything through biotechnological products.


These are some of the services we offer and could fit your needs:


a) WWTP of Metallurgic processes Cleaning Services.
b) WWTP of Mining processes Cleaning Services.
c) WWTP of Production Lines (Massive Consume) Cleaning Services.
d) WWTP of Domestic Wastewater Cleaning Services.


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