Industrial Wastewater Cleaning Services: Metallurgic, massive consume mining, etc.

One of the biggest current problems on every industrial organization is the high concentration of pollutants on their wastewater due to their productive processes.

The high concentration of organic solids, chemist products, heavy metals, etc. makes the wastewater more difficult to treat therefore increased also the treatment costs. Furthermore, unpleasant bad odors caused by this process.


Some Organizations prefer to pay the fines imposed by the governments because their wastewater treatment costs are higher than these fines. Other companies invested on their own wastewater treatment plants but they could not reach the targets they were expecting before this investment.


Our services and products assure the results of the water quality that every organization demands, removing any bad odor in seconds and specially, an important cost reduce compare to other services, processes, methods or products. Furthermore, we count on a specialized team who will support your organization to maximize the cost saving.


We help your organization to reach the Permit Limit Values (PLV) required by laws, to reduce costs and to raise the efficiency of your current wastewater treatment processes.We achieve this through immediately processes, biotechnological and 100% biodegradable.


Our portfolios of customers confirm the efficiency of our products and services.

These are some of the services we offer and could fit your needs:


a) WWTP of Metallurgic processes Cleaning Services.
b) WWTP of Mining processes Cleaning Services.
c) WWTP of Production Lines (Massive Consume) Cleaning Services.
d) Sell of Biotechnological Products and Training of your Workforce.
e) Pipelines Cleaning Services.


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Septic Tanks and Grease Traps Cleaning Services

Wastewater Treatment Plants Cleaning Services

Pipelines Cleaning Services

Sell of Biotechnological Products and Training

Industrial Wastewater Cleaning Services: Metallurgic, massive consume mining, etc.

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